Recife pictures

Rua Madre de Deus

Bar in Rua Madre de Deus
View of Rua Madre de Deus
Street child
The ceiling of the church of Madre de Deus
The pulpit

Recife by night

River confluence (Capibaribe/Beberibe)
Rio Capibaribe and the Teatro Santa Isabel


The banks of the Rio Capibaribe
Teatro Santa Isabel
 Palacio das Princesas

Recife Antigo

The first synagogue in the Americas
Typical moment amongst the old houses
Restored houses
Waiting for restoration
Children bathing in the old port
Rua Bom Jesus
Restaurant in the Rua Bom Jesus
Another restaurant in the Rua Bom Jesus


Nossa Senhora do Carmo
A ladeira in Olinda
Recife in the distance
Nossa Senhora de Conceiçâo
San Pedro
Convento Nossa Senhora das Neves
Largo do Amparo
 Nossa Senhora do Amparo

All pictures  © John Malathronas, 2000