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In Portuguese

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Finally thanks to Boyz magazine, DNA and QX for the ideas regarding excuses for dumping someone in a club (Fortaleza chapter) and for the inspiration regarding the musings on homosexuality in Porto de Galinhas (cahpter 5).

Web sites My site, with complementary pictures of the sites you have read in this book. Sir Walter Raleigh (1554-1618): The Discovery of Guiana, 1595 - free text

http://www.geo.brown,edu/amazon/AmazonTexts/ThreeHundredHTML.htm evidence of green stones in Alter do Chão. The passage on Armored Catfishes by Roberto E. Reis. Brazil online almanac : etymology of forró. (with two z) This is the web site of an online magazine about Brazil. Generally excellent. I consulted two very good articles on Chico Science and Zumbi of Palmares. A German World Music site but one with a recommended article on the pernambucan music scene, by Luciana Ferreira Moura Mendonça. The ethnologue site for Brazil. Tribe information is from there, especially the extinct tribes of Pernambuco. Grupo Gay de Alagoas. Renildo Santos torture facts, Outed: the 100 most famous Brazilian homosexuals in the site of the Grupo Gay da Bahia - a site on the artist Carybé. - a site on the twelve Kings of Dahomey which is almost exactly as were presented in the Afro-Brasilian museum. Close your eyes, go to the site and you're in the museum. Ecoparque de Una. This is a must-see page for the scary map of rainforest destruction. - A good web site of the Jorge Amado Foundation - a site on the mine of Chico Rei. zebu museum - a fantastic nature photography site for the animals of the Pantanal Christianity and Slavery article The Catholic encyclopaedia online (and information about Dom Bosco and slavery). of the Sisterhood of Boa Morte Xavante page where you can find the full creation myth.

There is an extraordinary amount of sites dealing with Curitiba and its traffic. I have used: IMAGENS DE 27/01/2001: Photos of the Gaúcho Crioulo show An interesting article on Pelotas and its reputation for homosexuality - the web site of the gringo bar in São Paulo Among the wealth of soft porn web sites in São Paulo, I can't resist offering you the pizzaria erótica. The Brazilian Senate A good historical site about Brasília; I have consulted it for certain Brasilia details (DKW cars, lighting, Dom Bosco's dream, dates, which blocks were ready, et al. The MST site in English. The official Vasco da Gama football site - checked Raul's facts.


Do you want to learn Portuguese and are an English speaker?

I first learned the languagewith the BBC's Discovering Portuguese: An Introduction to the Language and People - a set of six long lessons with two accompanying cassettes. I swear by this introductory course. From then on, it's up to you.

John Malathronas, 2003